Welcome to Forbeyon and Woodland Albums
Here is your quick checklist to get you started!

1. Registration: Share with us your photography website or photography business Facebook page so we can view your work. Since we work only with professional photographers, we will review and approve your registration within a business day. Once you are approved, you can log in with the ID – your email and PW you’ve created to access ordering and see live prices for both Forbeyon and Woodland Albums

2. Welcome Email: Once you are approved we will send you a Welcome email with our price list. Please check your inbox for the Welcome email.

3. Swatch Kit: Begin your journey with Forbeyon and Woodland Albums with swatch kits to make consultations even better with easy access to hands on materials to show your clients what they can choose from.

4. Test Prints: Order test prints for $8 each so you can see first hand what your photos look like on paper types you are interested in. Test prints are available in size 8×8. Send your image or layout jpg files in 300 dpi and request to info@forbeyon.com.

5. Sample Orders: Once you have figured out which album(s) and/or accessory(s) fits your studio, place your studio sample order with your logo imprinted. Sample albums and sample accessories are 30% off regular price.

  • Studio Logo Imprinting: Send your logo file to create a custom logo die to imprint on your albums. Creating a logo die is a one time charge $55 and we keep it in our studio so we can imprint your logo on your album orders whenever you want.

6. Share & Be Featured As Photographer of the Month: After receiving your album or product be sure to take photos of it and share on social media! We’d love to see what you think and you could get a chance to be considered for Photographer of the Month and be featured on our website and social media that is viewed by 25k people!

7. Wooden Proof Boxes: Check out our Wooden collection – ByWoodland for all your wooden photo packing needs that are handmade here in shop.

8. Check emails every Thursday: We send out newsletters every Thursday for special deals and amazing announcements that you don’t want to miss!

9. Visit our Showroom: We are located in Dallas, TX and open from 8am – 5pm for you to stop by and get a hands on experience with each album or accessory. Please note that our lunch break is 12-1pm. Give us a call or email us to make an appointment so we can make sure there is somebody to help you out.

901 Regal Row, Dallas, TX 75247

10. Questions & Help: We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about Forbeyon and Woodland Albums. Contact us today to let us know how we can help by emailing us at info@forbeyon.com or calling us at 972-220-1480.