Create a personalized CD/DVD case with one of our Photowraps

Create a fun and personalized CD/DVD case with a photowrap with images from the photoshoot. You can keep it simple and professional or you can even get fun and bubbly like your clients. There is even the option to add a photowrap panel on the inside of your case. Email us at for the template and to begin ordering your CD/DVD cases by following the link here >>

You can even order double CD/DVD panels for those added bonus clips from your clients wedding. These are sure to be hit product that all of your clients will want for their own. Your clients will love being able to store their DVD from their wedding, or slideshow of images from their senior photoshoots in these CD/DVD cases. Please note that all Studio Samples will be imprinted with “Studio Sample” on the back in silver.

Wooden Stands are great for takeaway cards and phones!


We want to show off our new collection of handmade wooden products, so this week we are featuring our Mini Wooden Stand. They are perfect for holding up to 30 of your studio takeaway cards for future clients, prints, or even holding your phone on your desk.  What could possibly make these stands even better? How about the fact that they are 50% off when you use the promo code LAUNCH2015 at checkout, until the end of August! Follow the link here to start ordering your wooden stands today.




Each photo stand is made handmade with Mahogany wood, here in house in Dallas to give it that rustic appearance that is perfect for Fine Art photographers, or even your country brides. They are great to have around the studio or even at your desk to display your wonderful photos.



Even your mobile device can rest in the stand while it charges at your desk at work so that you don’t loose it.