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Studio Name: Laura Yang Photography


Where is home? Ormond Beach, Florida

Did you go to school to study photography? No — Laura majored in English and Creative Writing, while Danny’s degree is in Commerce.

How long have you been a photographer? We have been wedding and portrait photographers for three years, although we both did some photography for other jobs previously as well.

How would you describe your style? Our goal is to produce photographs that are natural, timeless, and evocative. We love capturing candid moments beautifully, and we love creating stunning portraits — putting the two together is what makes wedding days incredible!

How many weddings do you average per year? Our goal is to stick to roughly 15 weddings per year so we can offer our couples a truly boutique, intimate experience.

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Kim J Martin Forbeyon Photographer of the Month

Photographer Name: Kim J Martin

Studio Name: Kim J Martin Photography


Where is home?  Sacramento CA, but I shoot all over Northern California and about half my weddings are in the Bay Area

Did you go to school to study photography? I did it backwards, I shot my first wedding in 2006 while I was attending junior college, and when it was time to transfer to a 4 year I just decided to major in Photography since it was the only thing I was interested in. The program at Sac State was great, we were required to take film classes including one where we shot with a 4×5 film camera, and I loved the darkroom experience. I also took a lot of art history and art theory classes. Probably the best part of going to school was the friends I made while there, especially one who also became a wedding photographer and we now shoot together a lot.

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