How to order album with cameo

Image file requirements for cameo:

Color space: sRGB
Resolution: 300 dpi
Artwork requirements: Artwork must be merged into 1 layer



1. Select your order type and book style.
2. Select the print & paper type and enter the number of sides.
3. Select your cameo type.
4. Select the size of your album.

5. Select your custom cover style.
6. Select the main material.
7. Select the accent material.

8. Check your order summary and click “Add to Shopping Cart”

9. Enter your order name.
10. Click “Checkout Now”

11. Select “I will upload files or transfer existing design now” and fill out the shipping and payment information.

12. Click “Place Order”

13. Click “Upload”
14. Click “Choose File” to upload your cameo image.
15. Click “Upload My Files”.
16. Check the status that the image is “Good” and click “Next”.

17. Select to transfer layouts from your orders or click “Browse” to upload your new design layouts.

18. Click “Next” after all your design layouts are uploaded.


19. Check your uploaded design layouts and click “Next”.

20. Click “Start my order now! I have uploaded and approved all my files” to place your order.
You will be getting “Upload Completed” message with your order number.