How to Order your Studio Logo Die for Imprinting

Want to add a finishing touch to your album with your logo imprinted on the inside back page? It’s easy with a Studio Logo Die.

Studio Logo Dies are special ordered and are made of magnesium. This is what we use to imprint your studio’s logo.

If you’ve never ordered a studio logo die before, but would like to add a logo to your next order, the process is simple. Studio Logo Dies cost $55, which is a one time fee for the entirety of your time as a customer. Specifications for a studio logo die can be found here. Once you order your studio logo die, we will keep it on file for all future orders. The only case where you would have to order another logo die would be if you changed your logo.

To add logo imprinting to your album, be sure to choose “Yes” in the “Logo Imprinting” box.

If you have never ordered a logo die before, be sure to click “Create Studio Logo Die”. If you choose “Yes” for Logo Imprinting, but do not check the “Create Studio Logo Die” (and do not have one on file), the default is to imprint your studio name in plain text.

How to Order Forbeyon Logo Die


Once you complete the order and go through the checkout screen, you will be directed to the Upload module. Here you can upload your studio logo die file.

  1. Be sure to read the specifications for your studio logo die in section
  2. Choose your file and click “OK”
  3. Be sure to click “upload my files” to ensure that your studio logo die file is uploaded

From here you can click “Next” where you can upload your album spreads.

How to upload studio logo die


If you happen to forget to click “Create Studio Logo Die” and would like a custom logo die, please email us at info [at] forbeyon [dot] com with your order number or call us at (800)-540-1480. We can modify your order and ensure that your logo die is ordered and you receive correct imprinting on your album.

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