Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Flushmount, Linear, Perfect, and Hinged albums?

  • Flushmounts are the highest quality albums printed on photographic FujiFilm paper. They have the longest life span with thicker pages.
  • Linear albums are press printed on one of 3 paper choices: Linen, Gloss, or Pearl paper. They have thicker pages than Perfect Bound and Hinged Bound albums and the same cover options as Flushmounts.
  • Perfect albums are press printed with Magazine-style pages, modern non-leather and bonded leather materials (G1 and G2). They are light-weight and easy to carry.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Once you have submitted your album design files, please allow 2-4 weeks to print, bind, and have your order in the mail or ready for pick-up. Turnaround time only begins when all files are submitted and the order is ready to be processed.
Can you rush my order?
Yes, select the rush order under order type for the product you are ordering. Rush orders are completed in 2 weeks + shipping time. Turnaround time only begins when all files are received and the order is ready to be processed. Please check with our customer care by email or by phone 800-323-3640 to confirm about your rush order and the date you need it by so we can process accordingly.
How do I order a sample album for my studio?
You will order your sample album the same way you would place a Regular order. Complete the order on-line, filling in all sections pertaining to your order. Be sure to change your order type from, “Regular” to “Sample”. Sample albums for your studio are 30% off the regular price and will be reflected in real-time. All studio sample albums will be imprinted, “Studio Sample” with silver imprinting on the inside and outside back cover. See more >>
Do you offer discounts for sample albums?
Yes, we do! Be sure to change your order type from, “Regular” to “Sample”. Samples for your studio are 30% off the listed price and will be reflected in real-time.
Do you have a special pricing for parent albums?
Yes, just change the quantity of your album on the ordering page and it will deduct 10% off the additional copies.
Can you drop ship the album to my client?
Yes, you can select the option “Drop Ship” in the shipping information at checkout and fill in your client’s address. We do not include receipts in any drop ship packages. The only information about us will be our company’s name and address on the shipping label.
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we offer free U.S. standard shipping for album orders and accessory orders placed with albums.
Do you have templates I can use for the albums?
We have free psd templates for all of our albums. Click here >> 
Where can I find your latest deals?
You can find our latest news and deals on our blog and social media channels.
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  • Youtube:
  • Instagram: @forbeyon, @woodlandalbums
  • Pinterest:
  • Twitter: @forbeyon, @woodlandalbums 
  • How do I send you my files?
    You can upload your files directly to our Online Upload Module after you have placed the order. Your image or layout files must be in hi-res .jpg format at 300dpi and in chronological order. For example, 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg… etc.
    I want a studio logo die...How do I do that?
    Below are some tips on ordering a studio logo die for imprinting.

    File Types:
    Vector Files: PDF
    (300 – 600dpi)

    File Dimensions:
    Maximum Height: 1.25 inches
    Maximum Length: 3.5 inches

    Artwork Requirements:
    Background must be 100% solid white.
    Text must be 100% solid black.
    Design elements must be kept at a minimum.

    Cost: 1 time $55.00

    Upload: In the “My Account” page in the shopping area.

    Do you sell swatches of your cover materials?
    We do sell our swatch kit. It includes 50+ of our latest cover materials. All cut into 3×3 squares that are perfect for capturing the true feel of the material. And each piece is labeled on the back making it easier than ever to identify your favorites!
    Is there any easy way to get a price quote, the price guide is giving me a headache?
    Sorry about the headache. We want to make things easy; therefore, we have a better solution than the leading pain relief medication. Just click here to register. Once you are approved, you will be able to log in to see pricing on the products you are building. In the book order section choose your options and your pricing will be updated in real time.
    Where can I download the pricing pdf?
    Pricing pdf files can be downloaded through the Welcome email we send out after your registration is approved. Please check your inbox for the Welcome email. You can also email us at and we will send you the pdf if you are a registered photographer with us.
    What is pages, sides, and spreads?
    1 full spread = 2 pages/sides (left and right). Example: 16 pages = 8 full spreads OR 2 single pages/sides and 7 full spreads
    I have been printing with other companies, is there a way I can check your color either by getting prints made or by getting print sample?
    We couldn’t agree more! Especially if you have been using other companies for your printing. We can send you print samples of our 6 print materials. Photo Luster and Metallic for Flushmount; Press Gloss, Linen and Pearl for Linear; and Press Gloss for Perfect Bound. You can also download the digital file and Photographic soft proofing profile from our website. Once you have the print samples you can compare it to the digital file on your monitor. This will give you a true taste of our printing.
    You can also send us your design or layout files for test prints. We charge $8 per test print – size 8×8. Just let us know what print material you would like to see. To take advantage of this service, please email the image or layout jpg file in 8×8 300 dpi and request to
    I need help with designing the layouts for the albums!
    For designing the layouts for your albums, order from Two and a Half Album Designs or you can find Forbeyon Albums under Fundy or SmartAlbums. We also have free psd design templates for all album sizes. Click here >>
    Where can I order wooden products?
    We have a wooden collection offering wide range of wooden boxes to hold prints and USBs. You can customize our wooden boxes and USBs with custom engraving that you can preview with our live customization feature. Click to order here >> Download the catalog here >>
    I want to order a metal cameo…How do I do that?
    When ordering a cameo the 2 keys things to consider are size and DPI. The image dimensions of the file should match the desired size of the finished cameo. The DPI needs to be exactly 300. You can choose to upload a cameo at our suggested size or a custom size that is not larger than the album cover. Click here for cameo templates >>.
    If I want to sell a package, what should I include?
    Our suggestion is to package one main Flushmount album, with one, two, or smaller Flushmount, Linear Bound or Perfect Bound albums duplicates of the main album).
    How long will Forbeyon keep digital image files on its server?
    All digital image files will be deleted after 1 calendar year. To Prevent any complications with Holiday orders, the file storage year begins and ends in November.
    I don't live in Louisiana and I want to see your albums. Do you have a loaner album program?
    We sure do! This program allows us to send you a loaner album, which you can keep it for two weeks. To request a loaner album, please send an email to In the email please indicate if you would like us to send a Flushmount, Linear Bound, or Perfect Bound. We will need you to fill out a short form with mailing and billing info. We will charge you to replace the studio sample if it returns damaged.
    I want to design a Photowrap. How do I do that?
    Below are tips for designing your photowrap quickly.

    •  Be sure you are using the layer based on the number of sides that you need (close all of the other sizes clicking on their “eye”).
    • Hit the triangle button next to the “eye” to open up additional layers Make sure that you place your images above the Safe Frame layer, but below the “Place your image below this layer” layer.
    • Adjust the opacity of your wrap image to make sure your front cover image and back cover image fit within the Safe Frame layer. Make sure you leave the, “Do not Delete! Mandatory top” layer on top of your wrap image. Even when flattened the guidelines should still be visible on top of your image.
    If I shoot film and not digital, can I still order these albums?
    Yes, if you are shooting film, your negatives will need to be scanned. When scanning negatives to use in these albums, they need to be scanned at a high resolution. They will be 10-20 MB files. We recommend that your use your local lab’s roll film scanning service at the time of processing.