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What inspired you to use Forbeyon?

“I was completely seduced by the quality of Forbeyon.” KELLIE MICHELE PHOTOGRAPHY

“Some of our most favorite memories are those spent looking through family photo albums with our parents and grandparents. With that comes the memories of those pages that had been warped by time, the photos that had fallen out, been misplaced, or lost to an accidental eggnog spill. Albums have a lot of weight on their shoulders, you know? We wouldn’t want anything but the best for something that needs to last a lifetime.” TWO PAIR PHOTOGRAPHY

“Forbeyon offers so many customizable options. When using other album companies in the past, I felt limited on the materials and album designs that I was able to deliver. With Forbeyon albums, I have the ability to create custom designs that suit the individual taste of each of my clients!” LAUREN MOFFETT PHOTOGRAPHY

“I was searching for high quality albums to use for my wedding clients, stumbled onto Forbeyon, loved what I saw online and decided to order a sample album and the rest is history!” KAE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY

“About 7 years ago, I saw an album online from another photographer. It was the Forbeyon flush mount album in ivory leather with a gold stripe. I was immediately in love.” EAU CLAIRE PHOTOGRAPHICS

“When I started my business, I listened to what a lot of other professional photographers had to say, and a vote that came up often was that Forbeyon had quality materials and crafting, plus stellar customer service. So I went where they told me to go. That was 4 years ago and it still rings true. I remember I embarrassed myself when I called Forbeyon for the first time, because I assumed it would be like many other company phone lines: I’d get an operator or I’d have to push a button to talk to the department I needed. Instead, I was helped by a real person who knew the ins and outs of where my order was in processing. I was very impressed.” ELISSA R PHOTOGRAPHY

“In my initial search for an album company, I found myself really overwhelmed with all the options. Then when looking at specific companies, I was once again overwhelmed with all the choices & the ordering processes. What really drew me to Forbeyon was that there was just enough options for variety, but not so many that I was overwhelmed. What has kept me with Forbeyon has been the outstanding customer service, attention to detail & the amazing quality of their products.” ELIZABETH CAYTON PHOTOGRAPHY

“Forbeyon was the first album company I ever fell in love with. A good photographer friend of mine referred me to Forbeyon and I instantly fell in love with the quality and the incredible leathers.” JULIAN MONIZ | PHOTOGRAPHY

“Upon my initial search for album companies, I loved the variety of options Forbeyon had, the high-end quality, and now that I’ve experienced such great customer service I don’t think I could ever go elsewhere!” BECCA BORGE PHOTOGRAPHY

“When we first started we researched a LOT of album companies, asked a LOT of opinions. We have a wide variety of clients all with different personalities and tastes, so we wanted a company that had a lot of options for them to choose from. Most companies only offered a few options for albums, which just wouldn’t work for us. I love that one of our untraditional brides can get purple iguana covers but then one of our more traditional brides can get brown leather. The quality and customer service is always amazing with Forbeyon too which we had always heard so we knew it was the perfect choice for us!” THE BURKS PHOTOGRAPHY

“Forbeyon has sold me time and again on the things they offer. From the exquisite leather options, the personal phone support (I talk to the same two or three people every time!), to the option to upload and design albums via the website, we love it all!” ROOT PHOTOGRAPHY

What is the first thing that comes into
your mind when you think of Forbeyon?

“Our wedding photographer first introduced us to Forbeyon with our own wedding album and it has stood up for 7 years and two toddlers and still looks the same as the day we received it! We think that is quality.” TWO PAIR PHOTOGRAPHY

“Luxe! I love the cover leathers. They feel so buttery and thick, especially the G4 line.” ELISSA R PHOTOGRAPHY


“The first thing I think of is easy. I have the easiest time uploading my files and ordering my albums. I’ve never had a problem with the albums themselves and I can always get a hold of a Forbeyon contact if I have any sort of questions. They are accessible and do quality work that I am proud to give to my clients.” MARY FIELDS PHOTOGRAPHY


“All the pretty cover materials.” EAU CLAIRE PHOTOGRAPHICS

What advice would you give to the
first time buyers of Forbeyon albums?

“Order samples, cover samples, find out what products you love so that when you have clients ordering albums from you, you can stand behind what products you give them.” KAE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY

“I’d advise them to get a sample pack of the cover materials — it really helps to know and to feel what the cover will look like before buying the album.” ELISSA R PHOTOGRAPHY

“Go in and meet with an associate first to learn about all of the options and to view the options yourself. I also recommend purchasing the cover example box so that you can show your clients how the covers look and feel. It’s worth it.” MARY FIELDS PHOTOGRAPHY

“The sample orders have been a life saver! I highly recommend utilizing this service to affirm the quality of any brand that wants to provide quality to their clients.” KELLIE MICHELE PHOTOGRAPHY

“If you want the best quality for a very good price, Forbeyon is the way to go. It will leave your clients beyond satisfied and everyone who sees their album will feel how luxurious and timeless their albums are.” JULIAN MONIZ | PHOTOGRAPHY

“Don’t be afraid to experiment.” EAU CLAIRE PHOTOGRAPHICS

“Go ahead and purchase samples, because when clients see the albums in person, they love them … especially the metal cameos and the dual tone leathers. It sets the album apart from the others that are out there, and client’s are happy to have an album that isn’t like all of their friends’ albums.” MARGARET NEWTON PHOTOGRAPHY

“There is a lot of talk about being timeless and choosing timeless options. But sometimes timeless is boring. One of the things we love about photos is that they are a depiction of who you were in that moment. Staying true to you and your likes will never go out of style.” TWO PAIR PHOTOGRAPHY

Share with us your favorite Forbeyon album and why.
What materials/options do you choose?

“My favorite is a black leather cover with a metal cameo on the front & silver imprint on the side.” ELIZABETH CAYTON PHOTOGRAPHY

“This is a tough one… We are torn between the Flush Mount with the beautiful lustre pages or the simple but gorgeous Linear Bound with the Press Linen paper and UV coating. Its gorgeous. We usually stick to the G4 Genuine leather covers and keep is simple just because they are so gorgeous, they speak for themselves. Lately we have been pushing the Marine & Burgundy leathers.” JULIAN MONIZ | PHOTOGRAPHY

“The 11×14, 70 sides, flushmount album printed on luster paper. This is my dream album. I chose to have a photo cover that simply has my logo in the center and I love it. It feels so fashionable and glamorous.” KELLIE MICHELE PHOTOGRAPHY

“Our favorite album of the moment is one covered with the new Gold leather option! Who wouldn’t want a buttery leather covered album in Gold? Talk about awesome. We always give our clients the option of engraving, adding a cameo, cover options, etc. We think its important to include them in the process since these are their memories we were entrusted to capture and everyone is different!” TWO PAIR PHOTOGRAPHY

“I love both, the Flushmount and Linear albums. The Flushmount Panoramic for wedding albums because the quality is insane and you really feel like these albums will be family heirlooms that stand up to the test of time. I love the Linear albums for engagement albums because the quality is still outstanding. I tend to appreciate simple designs and cover options so I typically order a plain cover (my favorites being the G4 Cream and the G3 Gold options… basically any of the neutral covers are right down my alley) then I imprint the spine of my albums with the couples name.” KAE MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY

“I like to keep it simple: the linear bound album with a luxury leather cover and the couple’s names on the front cover or spine. I just think it’s so classic and won’t look dated in 50 years.” ELISSA R PHOTOGRAPHY

“I just absolutely love the Linear album line. My clients swoon over the pearl paper. The white pages boards are clean and thick but not too bulky. I get a lot of attention at bridal shows with the linear albums, they attract a crowd.” EAU CLAIRE PHOTOGRAPHICS