Our top 3 picks of the week!


1. BROOKLYN BROWN – For all Forbeyon’s Brooklyn Brown Leather fans out there, here’s a perfect set of images for you to check out! Michelle Larmand Photography in Canada created a breathtaking wedding album that is just to beautiful not to share. Gorgeous wedding photos with full spread designs are absolutely stunning!

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2. 4X6 PRINTS WOODEN BOX + 8GB USB WITH ENGRAVING – Our second pick was sent in by Splendor Photography. They had a 4×6 print box and USB customized with their studio name and with a personal text for their clients. We can’t get over how simple and adorable these boxes are for newborn photos!


3. HONEY DEW ALBUM BOX – We have one of our fabulous Album Boxes in Honeydew that is absolutely perfect for those green weddings. Your clients will love being able to have a box to store their wedding photos so why not create the ultimate package for your brides with their favorite images, Folios, and top it off with a green filler for decoration.


Everything you need to know about Legend Album

In case you hadn’t heard about Woodland Albums amazing number 1 product this year here is a list of everything you should know about the famous Legend Album.


1. For starters our Legend Albums are made with 100% genuine leather so what screams high quality better than 100% leather.2016-02-15_0004_2
Tamarie Photography – www.tamariephotography.com

“I love the Legend album for the authentic leather that is just so smooth and rich and makes me think of nothing but “quality-made”. It seems so timeless too. I love getting to unwrap the album each time I look at it. It’s like opening a present.”


2. These fabulous albums are styled after old artist journals so they are made with an awesome wrap around strap to tie up those memories.
Lois Elaine Photographie – www.loiselainephoto.com

“The Legend Album, my clients love it because it doesn’t look like anyone else’s album. It reminds me of an artist’s portfolio.”


3. Each page is mounted with our finest and thick mounts that make it easy to have your albums lay flat for maximum photo viewing.
Daring Wanderer – www.daringwanderer.com

“My favourite woodland album is the Legend Album. I love the leather bound cover and the thick pages in a lay-flat design.”


4. You can even add your own personal logo so your clients will remember your name every time they open their album.IMG_7712
Derek Lapsley Photographer – www.lapsleyphoto.com 


5. Another reason that makes these albums so fabulous is that you can get our Fine Art Watercolor paper (Uncoated Felt) that has a pebble like texture to it that is absolutely perfect for those outdoor weddings, or you can get our Fine Art Velvet paper (Uncoated Smooth) that makes even your most elegant of weddings look beautiful in this gorgeous album.
Ben Q. Photography – www.benqphotography.com

Left – Fine Art Watercolor paper (Uncoated Felt)
Right – Fine Art Velvet paper (Uncoated Smooth)


6. Then in case you hadn’t heard, we now offer the Legend Album in 8×8 now instead of just the 12×12 so now you can get those matching parent albums to go with your 12x12s!


7. Don’t forget those rustic weddings, what better way to present your groom with their photos than with one of these rustically chic albums?
Dapper Images – www.dapperimages.com

“Our clients who have a romantic, elegant or rustic look to their wedding often choose the Legend Album. Our high end clients love them because they recognize the quality in the materials and they tell us they’ve never seen an album in this journal style which makes it more appealing.”


8. Lastly, this album is such a stylish look that it will have everyone turning heads when you and your clients show them off!
Lauren Moffett Photography – www.laurenmoffettphoto.com
Paper Antler – www.paperantler.com


Forbeyon Album Boxes discontinuation

Hey everyone we just want to send out a friendly reminder that our Forbeyon Album Boxes will no longer be offered after the beginning of the New Year. If you would still like to order some before they are discontinued please place your orders by next Thursday Dec. 31st.

Beautiful Navy leather

Our Navy cover material is such a beautiful cover material that goes well with an accent material or even by its-self. The sheer beauty of it’s blue hue is too gorgeous for words once paired with cameos and laser etchings of all kinds. We want to see your beautiful Navy combinations so click the link here to begin ordering your albums with Navy leather.

Beautifully Brown Leather

We are in love with how elegant the Brown Leather on this album makes it look. The rich dark chocolate hue of brown brings out the colors and look absolutely perfect when paired with the imprinting on the spine and the metal frame on the front. Your clients will love this color and so will you with it’s professional beauty. Follow the link here to begin ordering your albums with Brown Leather. Photos by Followell Fotography

Mini matching parent albums

Check out these adorable mini versions of the main album in Brushed Champagne, we absolutely love how well they go together. What better gift to give your clients then matching parent albums for each family. Your clients and their family will love how cute these small albums are and will love being able to view the images from the wedding. Click the link here to begin ordering your parent album with your main album. Photos by Xsperience Photography

Dark Proof Boxes are even better with engraving!

What could possibly make these Dark Proof Boxes even more beautiful then they already are, how about adding engraving. The simplest of text added to the lids of these outstanding boxes makes them even more beautiful and personal. Your clients will be so impressed with these amazing boxes they will want to show it off to everybody. Follow the link here to begin ordering your own customized Dark Proof Box.

Beautiful brown & silver cover ideas for flushmount albums ❤

Show off those senior portraits and wedding photos, in style with one of our beautiful Flushmount albums with cover materials you and your clients will love! Try our popular brown – Cocoa or silver – Sleek Starlight cover materials for your next album. They are perfect for all occasions and make a beautiful gift for your clients.

Album Type: Flushmount
Album Size: 8×10, Pages: 22, Print & Paper: Luster, Cameo: Metal
Cover Materials: Cocoa and Brushed Champagne
Photographer: Focus Unbound Photographers LLC
Click here to order your album >>

Album Type: Flushmount
Album Size: 10×10, Pages: 54, Print & Paper: Luster, Cameo: Metal
Cover Material: Sleek Starlight
Photographer: Locke Innovations Photography
Click here to order your album >>

Pearl album cover ideas

With so many ways to style your cover we chose one of our favorite cover materials and decided to accent it with various materials for different ideas. Our Pearl cover material is one of our genuine leathers and it goes great with any of our other cover materials. Your bride will be in awe when she sees your wedding album matching her wedding from the color of her dress to the color of her bouquet. Ho will your album cover look, click the link here to begin ordering your albums with Pearl leather.