Modern Font

36 and 48 pt
Colors: Silver, Black, Gold. Default for Spine Imprinting.

Optima Font

18 and 26 pt
Colors: Silver, Black, Gold. Default for Front Cover Imprinting.

Custom Studio
Logo Die

Magnesium Die of your studio logo imprinted on the inside back cover

Studio Sample Imprinting

All Forbeyon Studio Samples will include the words “Studio Sample” imprinted in Modern font both on the inside and outside of back cover of the albums.





Send your logo file to create a custom logo die to imprint on the albums.

Logo imprinting is available on the inside of back cover.


Below are some tips on ordering a studio logo die for logo imprinting.

File Types:
Vector Files: PDF
(300 – 600dpi)

File Dimensions:
Maximum Height: 1.25 inches
Maximum Length: 3.5 inches

Artwork Requirements:
Background must be 100% solid white.
Text must be 100% solid black.
Design elements must be kept at a minimum.

Cost: 1 time $55.00
Upload: In the “My Account” page here >>

Add name and date imprinting on the front cover of the album.

Choose from three locations at the bottom of the album for your imprinting or you can contact us for inquiries about a custom location you would prefer.


imprinting on cover


Add a personal touch that will be the first thing seen when you look at a shelf of your albums, by adding names or dates to the spine.


spine imprinting 6