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The last file I uploaded is saying the file is the wrong size for my album but it is the correct size, how do I finish my order?
This error message is a default that can mean many things besides your file being the wrong size, it is there to stop you from completing your order when there is something wrong. Common reasons may be files are not numbered correctly, a file is missing, or the wrong amount of sides was uploaded. (See question below for file naming first to make sure your files are correctly named).


What is pages, sides, and spreads?
1 full spread = 2 pages/sides (left and right)
Example: 16 pages = 8 full spreads OR 2 single pages/sides and 7 full spreads


I named my files how it says on your ordering page, why is it still not taking it?
Layouts must be only named 01, 02, 03, 04…etc, if you still have the file’s original name plus the 01, 02… then it will not be accepted. Each layout which consist of two sides is still considered as one number so full spreads should be numbered the same as half spreads. The system does not count each side when uploading it counts the actual number of files submitted so the side count and file count will not be the same. Our upload module recognizes numerical order and if there is the slightest mis-numbering it will throw the system off and give you an error message until it is resolved. Please note if you have more than 9 files for your order you must either add two 0’s in front of the first 9 files so it will read 001, 002, 003…etc, or do not add a 0 in front of the double digit files so it would just read 10, 11, 12, 13…etc.


What type of files do I need to upload my layouts in?
File size will vary depending on album size which you can find the correct size needed by checking our template guidelines found here for your album size. All layouts must be sRGB and in 300dpi once sized correctly.


I ordered the wrong amount of sides how do I alter the amount?
Side count can be changed at the bottom of the file previews on the upload page or you can email us at info@forbeyon.com for help in changing the amount.


I changed my mind and need to order a different album, can you refund me for the album I just ordered?
Payments and orders are processed manually after all files are uploaded for the order and confirmed by the photographer to start the order. If you haven’t uploaded your files yet, the order has not been processed yet and has not been charged. You can simply let us know and we can just cancel your order by request.


I already uploaded my layouts what do I need to do next?
After uploading, make sure to keep hitting next until the last page where you will find a blue button at the bottom that says Start My Order. This button lets us know that your order is ready to be processed and made. If you have not clicked this button to confirm your order then your order will not be processed until you have given us complete confirmation.


Do I just upload photos and then you design the layouts for me or can I choose from preset templates?
Forbeyon and Woodland Albums is strictly albums so all files uploaded must be in layout form and can either be your own designs or you can use our design company Two and a Half Designs to have your layouts made.


I need to change the cover details of my order how can I do that?
Please email us as soon as possible for any alterations needed for your order including cover material, imprinting, or album size. If your order has already been processed and is in production there will be a fix charge if the cover is already made.


I want to re-order an old album order do I need to re upload my files or do you have them stored on record?
If the files are completely the same as what you are wanting for the new album then there is no need to re-upload files when ordering. When you get to the upload page there will be an option at the top that says transfer files and this is where you will need to click and locate the old order number. Once you have selected the old order just hit the transfer button and your files will automatically transfer over to the new order and you would just need to confirm the order like usual.